Tax Lien Stranglehold  

Does an IRS lien have your property tied up!

IRS will send you several bills, each with more threatening wording.  If you don't pay after receiving them, IRS can file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien to tell the public it has a lien on all your property.  This is roughly the same as having a judgment on file against you.  You can't refinance or sell your home until it is released.  The lien will also cause your credit rating to take a major nosedive and the interest rate on your next car loan to skyrocket.  State tax agencies have similar rules. 

If there is a tax lien filed on your home or other property, I can get it removed from the property so you can sell even if IRS is paid nothing.  It can also be made junior to a new loan or modification if the government's agrees that this will make the account more collectible or you are borrowing part of the amount you owe.

The application process is confusing and the official instructions are gibberish to someone who is not familiar with them.  I know what must accompany an application and will tell you in plain English what you need to file.  If you are selling or borrowing you have to get on this right away.  IRS make take a month or more to process these applications so if you wait until the last minute to apply, you have a good chance of losing your sale.   Don't procrastinate because everyone wants their application approved yesterday and yours starts at the back of the line. Let me get the process started as soon as you open your escrow. 

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