Links to the Outside

Here are some links you can check for information:

The IRS Official Website:  This is the main page.  You can get lost going from here.
Forms and Publications
is a popular destination.
State Tax Forms: Click on your state to get your local forms.
Social Security:  Information about Social Security Benefits including Medicare.
GSA Travel Allowances:  Tells you how much federal employees are paid when traveling to various locales.  You will need extensive documentation if you deduct travel expenses that exceed these amounts.
Findlaw:  A huge site with links to all kinds of legal stuff.
Al Capone Historical Documents An IRS page that links to historical documents about the Al Capone tax evasion investigation.

    As Seen on TV

There are a number of tax assistance firms whose commercials have appeared on cable TV.  Check their websites if you think bigger is better.   I'm not going to comment about them one way or another except to say a couple have been sued for big bucks by state attorneys general, some get bad marks from their local Better Business Bureau.  They cost more than I do, run larger operations and have much bigger advertising budgets. 

J K Harris & Co
Tax Inc:
American Tax Relief:
Power Tax Relief

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